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  1. Suitable for transportation: The purpose of packaging is to prevent and avoid damage caused by shock or vibration during transportation, and to take into account moisture-proof and anti-theft functions.
  2. Ease of loading and unloading: Good packaging will facilitate the loading and unloading of goods, effectively improve the loading and unloading efficiency of goods, and at the same time avoid possible damage to the goods due to the brutal loading and
    unloading of third parties.
  3. Appropriate packaging: When packaging the goods, choose the appropriate size packing box and packing filler according to the size, weight and transportation characteristics of the goods, and try to avoid the damage of the goods caused by insufficient
    packaging and the waste of packaging materials caused by excessive packaging.
  4. Protection of products and anti-theft: In the case of ensuring that the use characteristics and appearance characteristics of the express contents are not damaged, more attention should be paid to anti-theft - especially for the packaging of high-value
  5. The package is integrated: the outer package should be integrated with the protective material, buffer material and contents of the express, and there is no difference between the contents (when one outer package contains multiple contents) or between
    the contents and the inner wall of the outer package. There should be friction, bumping and squeezing.
  6. Pay attention to the direction: For the goods with placement direction requirements, during the packaging, storage and transportation process, it must be ensured that the goods are correctly placed according to the arrow marks on the outer packaging,
    and the side and upside down are avoided.
  7. The center of gravity is unified: the center of gravity of the package and its geometric center should be unified or relatively close, which can prevent the loss of the goods due to starting, turning and braking during transportation.